Windermere Steamboat Museum, Cumbria

Windermere Steamboat Museum, Cumbria

JHA supported and guided staff writing the Activity Plan for the successful Round 2 NLHF bid.

Windermere Steamboat Museum asked Julia Holberry Associates to undertake the audience research to support the writing of their Activity Plan, which was to be written in-house by staff.

The team interviewed non-users through focus groups, users through a survey and interviewed community, formal education and business representatives.  We also researched comparator organisations for the Museum, so that they could learn from best practice.  We drew together our research into an audience research report, which the staff then used to complete the Round 2 Activity Plan and we supported and guided the staff writing the Plan.

    • Categories: Activity Plans & Interpretation Plans, Heritage Lottery Fund Successes, HLF Bid Support
    • Tools: Activity Plan mentoring, 2012. Awarded £9.4m.

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