Carnival Archives, UK Centre for Carnival Arts

Activity Plan, IT Plan, Archives Plan, NLHF Round 2 advice, 2011

Carnival has a powerful history in the UK and has been documented all over the country through film, photography, oral history and music recording and through the collection of objects.  And yet this archive remains fragmented, some under beds and on top of wardrobes, some in community centres and carnival headquarters and others in museums, public record offices and universities. 

Julia researched and wrote the Round 1 NLHF application for a project to make and collect Carnival archives within the eastern region make them accessible through a database, securing over £80,000 from the NLHF in March 2010 to develop the project idea further.

She was appointed the Project Manager for the Development Phase of the project and has overseen the programme of research in the last six months, undertaken by three different consultants, which has involved complex community consultation and stakeholder engagement in four different locations.   She has project managed the writing of an Activity Plan, Business Plan, Training Plan, Archival Framework and Technical Specification for the Round 2 bid and completed the on-line application itself  in March 2011.  UKCCA successfully secured their Round 2 funding of £630,000 in June 2011 and the project is currently under way in the eastern region.

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