JHA undertook public consultation and provided support for the successful Round 1 NLHF submission

Norton Priory and its collections are internationally and nationally significant and yet their importance is barely appreciated by visitors because of the lack of interpretation and poor presentation.  Their building – a basic industrial shed erected in the 1980s – is at the end of its life and beginning to threaten the future of the collections.

Julia Holberry Associates, with Courtney Consulting, worked with the Norton Priory Trustees and staff to define their vision for the future and the scope of their project, to collect evidence from non-users to prove that there is a demand for Norton’s vision and project and to support the writing of their Round 1 application for the NLHF.

Norton Priory secured their Round 1 funding of £3.6 million in 2012.

Norton Priory Museum and Gardens, Runcorn
Norton Priory Museum and Gardens, Runcorn

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