National Lottery Heritage Fund Round 1

National Lottery Heritage Fund Round 2

Alexandra Palace, London. HLF Round 1 application support and public consultation, 2013.  Awarded £16.8m

Ipswich Museum, NLHF Round 1 application support, 2018.  Awarded £4.8 million

Newport Transporter Bridge, NLHF Round 1 application support 2018.  Awarded £10 million

Norton Priory Museum and Gardens, Runcorn.  NLHF Round 1application support and public consultation, 2012.  Awarded £3.6m

Oldham Coliseum and Heritage.  Options Appraisal,  2012.  Awarded £4.9m

Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery. Business Plan, 2013.  Awarded £12.8m NLHF funding

Suffolk Record Office, 2013.  Awarded £10.3m NLHF funding

University of Huddersfield Archives.  Round 1 NLHF application support, 2011.  Awarded  £1.58m.

Weald and Downland Museum.  Sussex.  Options Appraisal and NLHF application support, 2013.  Awarded £3.5m

Abney Cemetery, Activity Plan, 2020. Awarded £4.4m

Bath Abbey.  Activity Plan, 2014.  Awarded £4.85m NLHF funding

Brooklands Museum, Surrey.  Activity Plan, 2016.  Awarded £10.7m NLHF funding

Brymbo Heritage Trust, Activity Plan and Interpretation Plan, 2020. Awarded £4.1m

Chelmsford Museum, Activity Plan 2017.  Awarded £1.5 million

Clare Castle Country Park, Activity Plan 2018.  Awarded £1.5 million

Dorset History Centre Home and Abroad  archives project.  Activity Plan, 2015.  Awarded £297,000 NLHF funding

Garden Museum, London.   Activity Plan, 2014.  Awarded £3.5m.

Gloucester Cathedral.   Activity Plan, 2016.  Awarded 4.16m.

Hastings Pier, Sussex.   Activity Plan,  2012.  Awarded £11.4m.

Huguenot Museum, Rochester.  Activity Plan, 2013.  Awarded £1.2m.

Ickworth Church, Suffolk.   Activity Plan, 2012. Awarded  £715,000.

Kearsney Park, Dover, mentoring the Activity Plan, 2016. Awarded £3.1m

Kent Mining Museum, Activity Plan, 2016. Awarded £1.3m

Lincoln Cathedral, Activity Plan, 2017.  Awarded £11.4 million

National Memorial Arboretum, Staffordshire.  Activity Plan,  2012.  Awarded £2.85m.

Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery, Activity Plan 2016. Awarded £14.8m
Reading Abbey. Activity Plan, 2015. Awarded £1.7m

The Postal Museum and Archive, London.  Round 2 NLHF application support, 2015.  Awarded £4.5m NLHF funding

RAF Museum, Activity Plan for Phase 2, 2016. Awarded £4.8m

Route to the Hills, Malvern.   Activity Plan and Interpretation Plan, 2014.  Awarded £480,000.

Sheffield General Cemetery, Activity Plan 2018. Awarded £2.85 million

Staunton Country Park, Activity Plan 2017. Awarded £2.85 million

Suffolk Record Office, Activity Plan 2016.  Awarded 10.3 million

University of Westminster, London.  Activity Plan and Business Plan, 2012.  Awarded £1.5m.

V&A at Dundee.  Activity Plan mentoring, 2013.  Awarded £9.4m.

Victoria Park, Ashford, Activity Plan, 2020. Awarded £3m

Warwickshire County Museum Service.  Project Management of the Round 2 NLHF bid, 2014.  Awarded £960,000.

Wardown Park, Luton, 2015. Mentoring writing the Activity Plan, Business Plan and the Round 2 NLHF application. Awarded £1.8m

Whitchurch Silk Mill, Activity Plan, 2016. Awarded £1.58

Winchester Cathedral.  Activity Plan.  2013.  Awarded £10.4m.

Windermere Steamboat Museum, Cumbria,.  Activity Plan mentoring, 2012. Awarded £9.4m.